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Giridih, a mineral-rich town and part of  Hazaribag District earlier, is now a district in its own right. A picturesque town in the state of Jharkhand in eastern India, Giridih is nestled between the Usri river and the Parasnath Hills. Sri Ramkrishna Mahila College is the only women's college in Giridih district.

          The buildings which house the Ramkrishna Mahila college, were donated by Rani Mahalanobis, wife of Prasanta Mahalanobis, the founder of Indian Statistical Institute. The college was started from 1st august 1978. It is the result of the combined aspiration ans strivings of many scholarly persons, Particular mention must be made of Miss Khana Sen National awardee ex-principal, girls high school, giridih,  S.M.Quaraishi, Advocate;   Advocate Ram Lakhan Prasad,   Prof. R.N. Pyasa and  Bhagat Singh. Way back in 1978, the college started functioning in the building known as "Shanti Math" donated by Swami Shiv Narayan Puri with the condition that the college be named after the great saint Sri Ramkrishna Paramhans.

The classes commenced on 1st August 1978 with the staff consisting of Gita Mukherjee Professor-in-charge; Gita Dey, Lecturer in Philosophy; Ranjana Narayan, Lecturer in Economics; Bina Rani Lecturer in Political Science and Ram Krishna Yadav, Peon.

It was in March 1979 that Rani Mahalanobis donated a vast area of land with three buildings. Tagore had named the buildings 'shalboni'. 'Mahua' and 'Uttara' , familiar to all as the 'Mahua Complex' and which is now called 'P.C.Mahalanobis Block'.

In march 1979 the college was granted permanent affiliation of I.A. and B.A. courses by the goverment of Bihar and Ranchi University. This was possible by the tireless efforts of Sarfaraz ahmad, who was then the secretary of the governing body of the college.

For years giridih had been an aesthetically pleasing place, with a quaint countryside and delightfully attractive manors, playing host to scholars, scientists, poets, authors, film-makers, socio-cultural icons, Giridih was a melting pot where different ideas, cultures, tradition, history all came together. Rabindranath tagore completed 'shivaji Utsav' while residing in one of the many awe-inspiring buildings of Giridih. these eminent elites are just a few among the titans of society who once called Giridih their home.

The building of Ram Krishna Mahila College too are steeped in history. The walls have tales to tell of the comings and goings of mahalanobis and his wife Rani, the daughter of the famous Heramba Chandra Moitra, founder of city college, calcutta. Even the garden bears testimony to Rani;s intrest in the flora of the region. The Jaqueranda is in full bloom with bright purple flower blossoming in the spring. The magnolia bears flowers when the rains set in.

The trails and travails of many have been rewarded. RKMC is now a full fledged women's college with nas many as five thousand girl-students in the faculty of Arts, science and commerce. Classes are held with regularity and teachers strive to inculcate knowledge and manners in the young ladies who study here.






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